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Originally built in the early 1900's...
... our vintage cottages radiate the charm and graceful living of Naples' past.

uring the middle and late 1940's, The Naples Company acquired holdings in Old Naples around the fishing pier. One of these holdings included the Naples Hotel and Cottages which covered the double block between Broad Avenue South and 13th Avenue South.

The main entrance of the Hotel fronted on 12th Avenue, facing the pier, and continued along Broad Avenue South. Situated on Gordon Drive were the three Hotel cottages called Coquina, the Nautilus and the Scotch Bonnet. All of the buildings were, and still are, of the same vintage.

Some of the pine timber was floated down from Ft. Myers on barges to the pier. Lumber was not treated in those days and frequently bled pine resin out and down the side of the building bringing havoc to any paint that was applied to the buildings.

The historical qualities of this area and the familiar names of the past have survived into the future.

Coquina Cottages is such a property, located at the corner of Broad Avenue South and Gordon Drive, where the long ago past is continued with the finest tradition of antiquity.